Where Were You When


There are moments that define every generation and we reflect on these events as a society, asking one another, “where were you when?” During my own life I can think of a handful of these moments that have galvanized Americans to action or created an extraordinary national or international outcry

– Ethiopian famine/LiveAid
– the Challenger explosion
– the fall of the Berlin Wall
– Tiananmen Square
– Nelson Mandela’s release
– Oklahoma City Bombing
– Columbine School Shooting
– the death of Princess Diana
-the first Harry Potter book
– Nine/Eleven
– Hurricane Katrina
-Indonesia, Haiti, and Japan natural disasters
-Gulf Coast oil spill

As the final shuttle landing closed the door on three decades of space exploration for America, the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise hit theatres, and Norway was rocked by twin attacks last week, I have been considering the impact these events have in our daily lives. How did these events shape you personally?  Is there another event that made a profound impact on your life?  I would like to start a series exploring how these events (and others) impacted individuals and what that means to the greater social collective.

If you’d like to take part then you can either write a post and link back here so I can include your blog in the series or you can leave a comment or email me at rbranaman(at)gmail(dot)com about writing a guest post here.

Include the badge on your blog! Right-click or ctrl-click on the image you want and save it to your desktop, then upload it onto your own blog. Please link back here so I know you are participating in the series!

Image Credit: Where Were You? Events That Changed The World 26-episode series graphic

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