Once Upon A Time…


Remember when Saturdays meant not getting out of your pjs all day, curling up with a good book and an glass of ice tea, and not having anything to do until Monday rolled around again?  I decided that I want to embrace those carefree days with a return to creativity and writing simply for writing’s sake.  I picked up these story cubes at the store the other day and thought it might be a fun exercise to see what types of stories everyone could come up with based on the random roll of the dice.  You can interpret each image as you please and you can include them in your story in any order (as long as they are all represented within the story).

FYI: the die in the middle is a bit difficult to see, it is a child with a monster sneaking up behind him.  The image on the far right die on the bottom row is a bridge with water running underneath.

Share your stories in the comment section!


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