Nairobi Nights


Looking for a quick food review on a hip Dallas joint? Traveling overseas and want to know where to find the best local food on a budget? Check out Nairobi Nights for reviews by local foodies and special guest blogs by yours truly.

My thoughts on Deep Ellum’s take on the traditional English pub, Anvil Pub:

Over the past decade Deep Ellum has lost its shine and what was once the hip epicenter of Dallas was abandoned by fickle clientele who migrated to upscale establishments on lower McKinney Avenue and UpTown who are best known for their $15 martinis and $30,000 millionaires.  However, Deep Ellum doesn’t go down without a fight and slowly battled it’s way back as a prime spot for urban dining and nightlife.

Stop by Nairobi Nights to read the rest of the review and make your voice heard about other places you would like to see reviewed in or around Dallas and I’ll head on over when hunger strikes.


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  1. Ah, Dallas. Just the mere mention of my old hood (okay, not really Dallas, I grew up in glamorous *cough* Grand Prairie) makes me feel nostalgic!

    I remember in the late 90’s Deep Ellum the place to be. When I went back earlier this year, I just couldn’t believe how different it was. Now, it’s all about Uptown and Midtown and all that. Miss it. =)

  2. I remember going to concerts at Gypsy Tea Room and clubbing in the late 90s. Unfortunately Gypsy Tea Room closed down several years ago and there hasn’t been any clubs down there worth going to for longer than that. I am not a fan of Uptown at all so here’s hoping that Deep Ellum’s comeback is permanent!

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