Thando Iwam (Marry Me)


It’s interesting how sights, sounds, tastes, and smells can trigger a once-forgotten memory in our minds.  I often associate music with certain places or people and create playlists based on the memories they evoke.  One of the songs that immediately reminds me of Namibia is Thando Iwam (Marry Me) by South African Kwaito star, Bojo Mujo with Namibian singer, TeQuila.  The song was a hit in Namibia and you could hear it played deep into the night at local shebeens (bars), blaring from car stereos, ringing out from cellphones, and danced at weddings.  The song was ubiquitous and I immediately associate it with my memories of Namibia.

Here are a few other songs that remind me of  people I met, places I visited, and events I was involved in during my time in Namibia:

Africa by Toto
The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism by The New Pornographers
Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
Waka Waka Time for Africa by Shakira
Waving Flag by K’Naan
Ona Mami by Ozzy, JK, and Petersen
Yori Yori by Bracket
With My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper
Thando Iwam by Bojo Mujo featuring TeQuila

The lyrics (partially in Oshiwambo, partially in English)

Oh my love
Will you marry me?
Sthandwa sam
ungo wam
thando lwam
Hole yoye ohole yange
I wanna know, do you really love me too?
I deserve to know, do you feel like I do
So come on girl, marry me, marry me
If I marry you, will you marry me?

P.S. I LOVE the video.  It is Namibian through and through with the storyline and random dancing throughout.  Namibian music videos are so entertaining!

Do you have a song that reminds you of a time or place from your life?


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  1. I realy love the song,it sounds romantic,more especialy when i hear the beat assisted by bojo mujo and tequila,they are the world real singers,i am realy proud of the song,i can’t even explain the feeling i have for the song,i realy love it,but just to inform you that there is a Tanzanian artist by name “Rich mavoko” has copied the song and sang it in swahili,he named the song “marry me”

  2. Thanks for the update! I’m going to look up the Swahili version. I don’t know a lot of Tanzanian musicians so will be a good chance to listen to some new music.

  3. sorry but this is not Namibian, im a Zimbabwean but i appreciate this song for the South African culture it has in it, ive listened to it over and over again and love everything about it

  4. Wooooow this track reminds me my dayz at high school yooh twaz too hot by then .so dd TeQuila sang in a Namibian languahge ?.infact which language exactly ?i say wooow to the track…………

  5. kapuna efiku nande ndi ekeleshi ohole yetu
    ontima wange wa kola wakola mohole yetu
    tando ndikaluke italipunduka
    ove wange ashike ove wange ashike

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