One Step At A Time


Title:  Otavi Community Based Rehabilitation Project

Location: Otavi (Location), Namibia (taken in March 2011)

Background: One of the projects that I initiated in Namibia was an awareness/fund raising event that helped people living in the Otjozondjupa region of Namibia gain access to disability equipment and share disability awareness.  From that event we were able to raise funds in order to provide services and wheelchairs to residents in Otavi, Grootfontein, and Otjiwarongo.  Pictured above is a woman who lives in Otavi and was provided a wheelchair to help her with her mobility and functionality within the household.  We stopped by her home to ensure that the wheelchair was properly aligned to prevent sores and share some physiotherapy activities that her children and grandchildren could practice with her to improve her mobility.

History: Many people living with disabilities are excluded from aspects of daily life due to the prohibitive cost of rehabilitation equipment. The availability of wheelchairs, crutches, and other adaptive equipment can substantially increase the user’s quality of life by providing mobility and freedom.  In Otavi alone there are more than 50 people living with physical and mental disabilities. Unfortunately there is not a system in place to ensure that these individuals receive the care or support that they need.


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  1. Amazing!

    This sounds ignorant, but I didn’t realize the daily challenges a person with disabilities faced until I spent the day with a friend of mine who is in a wheelchair. Things I don’t think about, things I take for granted become issues to resolve.

    How very awesome of you to bring this to light and DO SOMETHING about it.

  2. I think a lot of people don’t realize the challenges people with disabilities face here or in the developing world. Until I started working with the local Community Rehabilitation Project in my village I didn’t know realize the extent of their challenges, including a lack of adaptive equipment or inadequate equipment, a lack of caregiver education, and stigmatization. I wish I could have done more but it was gratifying working with the local and regional rehabilitation groups to provide equipment and education.

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