What’s In Your Attic?


Since I’ve been back in my Dallas my mom has used the opportunity free labor to nicely request demand that I organize clear out the attic.  Somehow, over the past couple of decades, my parent’s attic has become a dumping ground for anything that we are too sentimentally attached lazy to donate or trash.  In this ongoing project we’ve come across some pretty random findings, which gives me the opportunity to share our embarrassing attic secrets with you.*

Just in time for Halloween we found an old grave marker for my great-uncle, Jesse James Dixon, a World War One veteran, born in 1892 and deceased in 1958.

“Minnie” insists that my great-uncle was likely named after two of his uncles, Jesse and James.  I prefer my explanation that Jesse’s mom was an old school hipster who wanted to strike fear into the hearts of kids in the schoolyard by naming him after gang leader, bank robber, Confederate guerilla, murderer, and all-around American outlaw bad-ass: Jesse James (1847-1882).**

According to Minnie, my great-uncle was pretty awesome, as well as, a bit of a romantic. Minnie still has the love letters he wrote to my great-aunt Pearl and thought that they had one of the happiest marriages of anyone she knew.  I never knew my great-uncle, but I did have the pleasure of knowing my great-aunt Pearl.  She could kick it as well as any eighty-something with the under ten crowd.

So, what interesting things do you have hidden away in your attic/garage/crawl space?  Please share your stories and save Sylvester and Minnie from languishing alone in their embarrassment.

*Due to legal restraints embarrassment my mother insists that I refer to her and my father as “Sylvester” and “Minnie” in order to protect their real identities and the contents of their attic.  After this they’re going to rob a stagecoach.
**Apparently American bad-asses have short life expectancies.


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