Father Christmas and his brother Bo Pilgrim are trying to steal my limelight


I haven’t been great about posting my latest projects. Let’s just blame Father Christmas and his jerk of a brother, Bo Pilgrim.  I’ve been terrible about working on my Shitenge Project, mostly because I don’t know how to thread the needle of the sewing machine without someone around to keep me from stabbing myself.  However, I did take up a new hobby, crocheting.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that the hobby of the infirm or celebrity elite? Fact. But as I am 30-something going on 90 I figured it was a great skill to have before I throw on the adult diapers.

So far I’ve created a couple of cowls, a couple pairs of fingerless gloves, a scarf, and a baby TARDIS cocoon/hat for a friend’s (overdue) baby.  Despite what some might think, my burst of craftiness does not stem from being “unemployed” as freelance is quite different from NOT having a job.  (People receiving unemployment checks can explain the difference if it’s hard to grasp.)  Much like the elderly, I find that crocheting is soothing and may, perhaps, count as aerobic exercise. Just check out the triceps on your grandma next time she whips out a crochet hook if you don’t believe me.

Avia wearing my awesome fingerless gloves

I would share a picture of Thor in his TARDIS baby cocoon/hat if (ahem, cough, cough) he’d ever work up the effort to expel himself from the birth canal. At this point I’m pretty sure he’s going to pop out as a toddler with a head of hair, a full set of teeth, and a running commentary on life in utero.  Instead, here’s a picture of his mom hoping that he’ll make an appearance this year.

Yes. She is 10 months pregnant and she doesn't like to be reminded of that fact.


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  1. I don’t think you look awful, more like glowing with the effort of evicting Thor from your uterus. 😛 I start working close to you next week, can I pop by and bring you the cocoon?

  2. I concur, you don’t look awful; just a bit maniacal as I imagine you pushing down on your belly and forcefully evicting Thor. If you would stop feeding him such good food in there maybe he would come out on his own. Or maybe he’s figured out the longer he waits the further away he will be from Christmas. Since he is such a smart boy he is already plotting from the womb how to maximize the number of gifts he receives annually.

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