My Friends Are Embarrassed For Me


It’s come to this… my friends are ganging up to host an intervention. They are embarrassed… for my cell phone. Apparently owning a flip phone in the age of iPhones is unheard of unless you are over the age of 80.

Verizon LG Flip phone

Today a friend casually asked when I planned on phone shopping. I responded with a haphazard comment along the lines of “I don’t want to pay $50 a month for a data plan and autocorrect that makes me want to stab Siri in the face.” Her response? “Your phone was quirky five years ago. Now I’m embarrassed for you. Suck it up and pay $50 a month like the rest of us. Siri’s going to take over the world and you’ll want her on your side when the uprising occurs.”

I’m still a passive resistor. As I managed to stay connected for more than two years with my tiny digital friend that allowed me to remain connected via facebook and T9 I’m not sure if I’m ready to transition. What do you think? Is a flip phone an embarrassment in this day and age of smartphones? Should I drink the kool-aid, suck it up, and get a smartphone?


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  1. Join the future. It doesn’t have to include Siri. I ❤ my Android phone, and I pay a flat rate for unlimited everything with Sprint. All of the internets, in the palm of my hand!

  2. Rachel, I upgraded in Decmeber. Well, sort of. I went from a 2003 vintage cell phone (it was only good for making calls and sending text messages) to a 3G iPhone. I appreciate all of the neat things a smart phone can do, but I’m also wary of becoming addicted to an expensive electronic leash. I have a minimal data plan with the iPhone so that I won’t be tempted to do much when WiFi isn’t available.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I will admit that I am drawn to the fact that a smartphone will provide instant access to maps, which will save me a lot of gas and trouble, as I’m perpetually lost. Of course a Garmin will do the same thing. Decisions, decisions.

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